Today the kiddies came for a bit of yoga!

Today, we spent a great couple of hours basking in the lovely drizzle and wet grass for our first ‘The Alpaca Hut does Yoga – for kids’ event!  Not to be deterred by the damp weather, we all set off with the four boys in tow to a random field, with the most stunning backdrop – of Keighley of all places!  Even in this weather it looks just great, wouldn’t you agree?!

So we trotted along, the alpacas behaving impeccably, until… the dreaded yoga mats came out!   Dun dun durrrrrrrrr… It would appear they don’t like bright yellow!  We had a strayer, Sultan had reared up and come loose from his leader.  No panic though – he just had a bit of a flap about and I was able to grab hold of his lead again eventually by getting all of them together.  They won’t stray too far from one another…

In the meantime, Lucy of Lucyoga (check out these ‘ere fantastic retreats she puts on!) led the adults and the little ones on an Alpaca Hunt (think ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ – Alpaca styleee!).  Phew, thank goodness they found them, I don’t know what I’d do without my boys!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with some photeys to look at at your leisure… do feel free to check out what other events we have going on here, or even book on to a regular walk with us.  We love meeting new people!

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