The Alpacas

It’s that time of year again…

… when the boys lose that lovely fluffy hunk of fleece from their backs! Perfect timing – it’s going to be hot hot hot this weekend so they’ll be glad they won’t have all that to lug around with them now. It’s all been stored in tubs and the trusty ‘bags for life’, all ready for our felting workshops with Val Hughes this summer (see Super Special Events) – there’s plenty for us to work with!

So this is how the last couple of hours have panned out:

The fantastic Lara and Richard of R L Shearing landed, complete with their own mats, pully things and clippy things. What they do is first lay out their mats ready for the alpacas to lay on. Unfortunately you can’t just tell an alpaca “lie down”… oh no, the alpacas won’t adhere to said command – that would make life far too easy for Richard and Lara! This is where the ‘pully things’ (probably called leg restraints or something like that) come in. They’ll guide the alpaca over to the mats and the back legs are then put into the pully things, followed by the front legs. From there, the alpacas are then stretched out and gently laid down onto the mat. As you can see from the video, little Sovereign was an absolute gem and this didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. The same cannot said for his buddy Sultan…

Sultan was the first, the ‘chosen one’. Being the rogue of the group, he wasn’t going to make it easy… he wasn’t for having his legs put into the restraints, and the mats (and poor Lara) got covered in his delightful green regurgitated stomach contents! Poor thing, it can’t be easy for him to understand what’s going on. It’s safe to say he’s happy as larry again now…

Sweet sweet Sovereign was up next. Bless, he’s so placid it’s unreal! Nothing to report ‘ere, he’s Mr Perfect!

Now Thanos is a different story. The little minx was tormenting all the others whilst they were restrained, taking cheap shots… it was his turn next! He’s so immensely fluffy, he uses up many a ‘bag for life’! Noisy little devil he was whilst being clipped. He had his ‘fighting teeth’ so they also needed clipping off – we can’t have him piercing the other alpacas with those bad boys, they can do a heck of a lot of damage.

Gentle Little Raz was next in line – he’s a good egg. He let out the odd little whine to let us know he wasn’t entirely sure what was going on but was otherwise perfectly happy. He too needed some fighting teeth clipped off.

So this was our second experience of the boys being clipped, and I have to say – they all behaved in exactly the same way as what they did last year! With it being so hot, they’re getting the odd hose down and I’m keeping them near the shelter, I don’t want them basking in the sunshine for too long – they too can suffer heatstroke!

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