Let’s walk!

Fancy having a tootle along in the countryside with these furry little lovelies? Take a look below at what we have to offer:


The Big One – £25 per person.  The cost is reduced to £17.50 per person when there is a party of 5-8 people.

Family of four (two adults and two persons aged 9-18 years): £70 

Up to eight folk can come on a trek at any one time.  From arrival to departure you need to allow approximately two and half hours.  During these two and half hours (spent probably like no other two and a half hours of your life) you’ll get to; walk, talk, eat, drink and be merry… an experience to tick off one’s bucket list – eating light lunch with an alpaca.  Do let me know upon booking if you have any dislikes or allergies foodwise.  Just a hint – Little Raz and co love apples and carrots so if you want to bring some peelings with you, feel free, they will be your best friends!

As for the route we travel – there is some rough muddy terrain, and fairly steep inclines so be prepared to be put through your paces!  There’ll be pit stops part way through the journey to allow you to catch your breath. With it being ‘The Big One’, this trek is limited to 9+ year olds (I know how tired little legs can get!).

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Muddy Paws – £13.50 per person.  This is reduced to £10 per person where there is a party of 5-8 people. 

This is a trek suited for those looking for something a little less daunting to The Big One. It’s not quite as far and the hills won’t demand as much from you.  Drinks will be provided after the walk to enable you to re-fuel.  Allow around one hour for this one.

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So now I’ve given you just a hint of what to expect if you were to book a trek at The Alpaca Hut, hopefully you’ll be curious enough to don your walking boots and come get up close and personal with these furry chaps!  Contact me on either 07791027364 or thealpacahut@outlook.com to confirm your chosen date.

Watch this space for up and coming treks in which little nippers will be able to join in.  The alpacas themselves are used to our little family who often come into contact with them.  Until I’m 100% happy that they’re 100% happy – the treks will be limited to older children who are able to walk the distance and will stay with their appropriate adult (18yrs +), and little ‘uns that can be carried in a sling/carrier.


Child safety alert: we’re here to offer you an experience in a safe environment, but we need you to help us to keep it that way by ensuring children who are in your care are under control at all times.


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